De Vlaggenhijsers

WIP - Short film and installation - 2022

Together with Vera Vos and Hans van der Werf I am working on a short film and theatre installation about the flag of Drenthe. The question we ask is: why do people raise their regional flag?

Dat Ik Op Veen Lijk

Set Design - 2021

HoofdletterF asked me to make a set design for her spoken word performance Dat Ik Op Veen Lijk.

Het Huis van Gedeelde Verhalen

Installation - 2022

Kitty Boon, Eline Kuper, Hoofdletter F and I made Het Huis van Gedeelde Verhalen (The House of Shared Stories). An installation about stories of veterans and refugees.


zine - 2019

Tochtgatboswachterjas is a zine about a theme from nature that I made together with
Fynn van der Ziel. It contains a lot of amazing
work of different illustrators and other people.
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