Okki Poortvliet grew up in a small village in the north of the Netherlands. There she shot her graduation film in 2021 for Minerva art academy: IJswee (longing for ice). A film about how villagers, with a passion for skating on natural ice, deal with the increasingly warmer winters. After that, she made four short films for NTR. At the moment she is either studying Philosphy (at the university of Groningen), filming and building for new projects (De Vlaggenhijsers & Wildrooster), illustrating or spending time running around and trying to play the guitar. It is also clear that she has a thing for birds and ice rinks.


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︎ 2022            Teaching & Research Instructor at Minerva Art Academy
︎ 2021/2022   Documentarymaker at Docwerk

︎ 2019 +         Filmmaker, illustrator, visual artist


︎ 2023-2024 Semester Abroad, University of Bristol ︎ 2020-2024 BA Philosophy, University of Groningen
︎ 2017-2021 BA Design, Academie Minerva, Groningen
︎ 2011-2017 VWO, Carmel College Emmen

︎ 2020 Ditteke Mensink, documentary director and writer
︎ 2020 GWA, Grafische Werkplaats Amsterdam

︎ 2022/2023 IllustraCie Committee STUFF
︎ 2019 Illustratie57 Committee, PR

2022/2023   Over het Wildrooster, filminstallation
                    for Into Nature

2022/2023   De Vlaggenhijsers, film(installation) and play
                    with Vera Vos & Hans van der Werf

2022            Het huis van gedeelde verhalen, installation
                    with Kitty Boon, Eline Kuper & HoofdletterF

2021/2022   OQQI, experimental film with LQRQ
2021/2022   ‘S Werelds Grootste Raketbouwer, documentary film
2021/2022   Het Karretje van Fabian, documentary film
2021/2022   Vierkant Veldwerk, documentary film
2021            Dat ik op veen lijk, set design for HoofdletterF
2020/2021   IJswee, documentary film

︎ Special Mention, IFA - Noordster 2022
︎ Honourable Mention, Student World Impact Festival 2022
︎ Drentse Talentprijs Cultuur 2021
︎ Beste Groninger Film non-fictie 2021
︎ Winner of the Lift-Off First-Time Filmmaker Sessions September 2021


︎ IFA - Noordster 2023
︎ Noorderlijk Film Festival - best short documentary 2023
︎ Beste Groninger Film non-fictie 2022
︎ Noorderlijk Film Festival - best documentary 2021
︎ Noorderlijk Film Festival - best young talent 2021
︎ Minerva Design Award 2021

2023    Art Expedition Into Nature, Drouwen
2022    De Vlaggenhijsers at Drents Museum, Assen
2022    Het huis van gedeelde verhalen, bevrijdingsfestival Assen
2021    IJswee solo exhibition, CBK Emmen
2021    Dutch Design Week, Eindhoven
2021    Lucht Kunstpunt, Groningen
2021   Artsthread Global Design Graduate Show 2021, online
2021    DETOUR Graduation Show, Groningen
2019    Panta Rhei, Grafiek Platform, Groningen
2019    Illustratie57 Barricades exhibition, Groningen
2019    Grafiek in de Kerk van Woltersum

jury member

2023    Kunstbende Groningen
2023    Filmfeest Groningen
2023    Filmfeest Drenthe
2022    Cine Challenge Groningen

talks and teaching

2023    Fraterhuis Talks - non-human animals in documentary film
2023    Lecture - How to become a filmmaker, NHL Stenden
2022    Lectures and workshops for Filmhub Noord
2022    Teaching & Research Instructor at Minerva Art Academy
2022    Workshop monotype, CBK Emmen
2022    Lecture - How to become a filmmaker, NHL Stenden


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