Okki Pabout & cv

Okki Poortvliet(1999)
Groningen based

Hoi!My name is Okki Poortvliet. I am interested in making all different things, that’s why I study Illustration/Animation and Time Based Design at Minerva art academy.
I have a head that thinks a lot and hands that love to make a lot. My head thinks about world it lives in. My hands love to hold pencils, be covered in ink and cut film material. My hands and head like to work together exchanging ideas and forms.

I love to expand my knowledge and experience. My head does that by looking around, my hands by touching a new material. The result: films, animations, drawings, prints, installations and everything in between.
It is also clear that I have a thing for birds, legs and cows. 

Also, I am half of Trendy & The Speed

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2011-2017   / VWO, Carmel College Emmen    2016         / Precourse Academie Minerva 2017 - now / BA Design,  Academie Minerva, Groningen
2020 - now / BA Philosophy, Rijksuniversiteit Groningen

2020         / intership at Ditteke Mensink, documentary director and writer
2020         / intership at GWA, Grafisch Werkplaats AMsterdam

Het Concerthuis, Rijksuniversiteit Groningen, Hanze University of Applied Sciences, Het Poeziepaleis, Bakker Joost, ZieZ onderwijs, Tijdschrift Ei


2020    Mas Collective Exhibition, Groningen 
2019    Panta Rhei, Forma Aktua & Grafiek Platform, Groningen

2019    Illustratie57 Barricades exhibition , Groningen
2019    Shit Show Expo
2019    Exhibition Bouw ZP7 and hans doet dingen, Groningen 2019    Grafiek in de Kerk van Woltersum
2018    Allie van Altena Farewell Exhibition, Groningen

Illustratie57 Committee 2019, PR

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